Light Duty Spring E Fitting W/round Ring - 4 500 Lb - Logistic Hardware

Light Duty Spring E Fitting w/Round Ring - 4,500 lb

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  • A versatile piece of equipment that allows for ratchet straps with hooks to secure cargo when e-track straps aren't available.
  • On floor systems, trigger should point away from object being secured
  • Store easily and disconnect with ease
  • Fitting is essential to your e-track system 
  • Great accessory for any E-track system
  • Custom Box Quantity Quotes Available On Request:
  • Currently, this part requires a minimum quantity purchase order and lead time from the factory
  • Box Quantity: 100


  • Breaking Strength: 4,500 lb / 2,041.16 kgs
  • Working Load Limit: 1,500 lb / 680.4 kgs - Fabricated Assemblies Confirmed by Testing

Working load limit - WLL is dependent upon the product being properly paired with similarly  or higher rated components that are in turn properly fabricated into rated assemblies confirmed by testing

Technical Drawing

  • Technical Drawing PDF


  • Single Item Weight: .37 lb / .17 kgs
  • Box Weight:  37 lb / 16.78 kgs


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